Gilroy's m59 Reference
Kraanan: Level 1: Create Weapon


Materializes a weapon. Requires nothing but a violent will.

Create Weapon

Spell Power:

Reduced focus time and greater chance of creating the more valued weapons such as Mystic Sword, long sword, or scimitar.

Good spell to use to Improve your enchanting spells or to practice Brittle and Shatter. Also a good idea to have a few maces on you when fighting against someone known to use shatter.

The created weapon's hit points are based on spell power.

7/6/99: This spell used to be called Create Mace prior to this patch update and would only create maces.

Resurrection: you can create maces, hammers, scimitars, axes, long swords, short swords, and mystics.

Update: NDS has added a small focus time for this spell.


Want to create a hammer, axe, or mace and have the spell at 99%? Put on armor and a pair of gauntlets to reduce your spell power.

Version Release: 02. The Internet Quest Begins

Requires focused concentration!
Mana Effect: -15
Vigor Effect: -8

Purchase from NPC:

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